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Sleeping Beauty

Baby K made her world debut two weeks early.  Quite the surprise for Mom and Dad!  But although she rushed her way out, her parents assure me that she is actually a very relaxed and laid-back little lady…personality traits clear in her snoozy and calm demeanour for our whole session.  With her long dark lashes and lush hair, she really was a sleeping beauty!

Apple of my eye

Not many of us are lucky enough to have a great-grandmother, nevermind one who is celebrating an 85th birthday!  A&A came to me with their lovely parents and grandparents for a very special photo session, hoping to have some photos to give to their great-grandmother as she marked this special year – what better gift to give someone who has a lifetime worth of experience and memories?  Photos of the people they cherish most, of course!

Organic Baby

Little Baby E was welcomed into the world by her delighted family at the end of 2011 – into one of the coldest, driest winter climates around.  But you wouldn’t know it, looking at her (and her whole family’s!) beautiful and baby-soft skin.  That’s because E’s family imports Organic Argan oil – they sell it bottled as “Rayan Oil”, a little bottle of miracle stuff.  Buy it at your local health food store (Community Foods, Blush Lane, and Edamame kinds – sorry, folks, only in Calgary so far!).